Brita Filters The Superbowl

Direct Mailer

& Campaign

The Superbowl is one of the most unfiltered events of the year. Rivalries can get dirty and mouths run wild in anticipation of the big game. What if Brita could purify the it?

Direct Mailer

To kick things off, we'll send out regional direct mailers for each team. Inside consumers will learn how to play the game to win specially branded Brita Water Bottles, and luckily you don't have to understand or even enjoy football to win. 

brita mailer.jpg

What's inside:

Penalty Tally

The microsite will simply be a place to keep track of the game (what's being said about it at least).

Those who participated via the microsite will receive emails based on the team they're loyal to. Patriots fans will receive a congratulatory email awarding them 53% off the new Brita Water Bottle, while Rams fans will receive an understanding message along with the same discount.

Morning After Emails

Limited Edition Winner/Losers Brita Bottles

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Hope Thomas and Kelsey Whipple

Energizer Rechargeable

Integrated Campaign

Rebrand & Ambient Media

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Burger King


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